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Removal of sanctions search engines

Search engine sanctions are automatic or manual measures taken towards your website, purpose of which is to decrease the visibility of your website in search results

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Removal of search engine sanctions is a package of measures to eliminate the factors that previously caused blocking your website on the part of Google filters and other search engines

Google's sanctions dramatically reduce website traffic and the visibility of a website on the Internet, bringing the effectiveness of SEO promotion almost to nothing.

The imposition of sanctions sharply and significantly reduces website traffic website, and makes SEO optimization measures not useful — it’s simply impossible to notice the problem.

Why can a website can be put under the search engine sanctions?

Getting under the sanctions is easier than it may seem: the fact is that the algorithms of website ranking in Google are constantly being improved and amended, and if you don’t follow the new algorithms, you can easily get in the category of websites that "do not meet the requirements".

Moreover, there are more mundane reasons why Google can classify that your website is not fit for being in top of its search results

They are as follows:

  • Content — nonunique (texts, photos), duplicated content, oversaturation of texts, meta tags and headings with "keywords", and the presence of latent content on a website’s pages.
  • Links — the presence of links to suspicious websites, sale of links, too sudden drop or increase in link mass, spam in inbound website links.
  • Advertising — too much advertising on a website.
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The most effective way to avoid being put under the sanctions of search engines is not to use any illegal SEO promotion methods.

There are more than enough legal ways to promote your website to the top of search results. With Clock Creative Lab you will become a leader in Google search without facing any threat of sanctions.

However, if any sanctions were imposed on your website, you can still involve our team at this stage — our specialists will achieve complete cancellation of sanctions and create an opportunity for successful SEO promotion of the website.

How do we remove sanctions from a website?

  • 01
    Analysis and check. First, we will find the objective reasons why your website has been banned. We will carefully analyze the website’s structure; check the uniqueness of its texts and spam of all content on each page. We will also check outbound external links from the website, and examine the link profile.
  • 02
    Elimination of errors and violations. As a result of such audit, all factors that caused sanctions from Google will be revealed. We will promptly eliminate all detected errors and violations.
  • 03
    Submitting an application to Google to re-check the website.
  • 04
    You get a high-quality and effective website with a tolerant attitude of the search engines.
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Order a service of removing the sanctions of search engines in Clock Creative Lab and get:

  • 01

    Full removal of the search engine sanctions

  • 02

    The possibility of further effective SEO promotion

  • 03

    A regain of positions in search results

  • 04

    A regain of organic traffic to your website

  • 05

    Conversion increase

Answers to frequently asked questions
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Is it true that it’s enough to set up SEO only once?

Having done a high-quality SEO optimization of a website and its promotion (during several months), you get on desirable top positions in search engines. The goal is achieved, that’s great. But quickly enough you will see that the website begins to lose ground. The possible reasons of it can be: no new unique content is added, there is a loss of quality or a complete loss of links to your website, search algorithms have been changed again, a higher-quality website of one of your competitors with good SEO promotion has appeared, etc.

Google constantly changes the criteria for assessing websites and the algorithms for ranking them in search results. If you did a flawless search engine optimization of your website 6 months ago, for the moment, in a best-case scenario, you would be on the 2nd -3rd page of Google search results. Because you can’t stand still, you need to constantly do something on SEO. It is necessary to track all trends, algorithms, and your competitors’ behavior. You should keep in mind that your rivals are constantly growing and developing, hiring professionals for SEO promotion, which helps them survive and earn more. Therefore, if you need stable website traffic and being in demand, you (or rather, we) have to be hard at work on SEO indicators.


I already have a website, and now I want to order SEO optimization. Can you do it?

There is a misconception that you can order a website, and then order SEO. This approach is completely wrong. It is highly desirable to have a website developed in accordance with the requirements of search engine optimization, taking into account all the rules of technical search optimization. If a website is built without involving a SEO expert, most likely that the finished resource will not have the necessary foundation for effective search engine optimization.

SEO is something like a technical setup of a website; it is work on a site code. There is no magic button in SEO, pushing which you will see the growth of your website in the top positions of Google. Take care of your business right away — order SEO at the development stage.


Is it possible to implement SEO without modifications of a website?

It doesn’t work that way. Technical works aimed at increasing the relevance of your website to the requirements of modern search engine optimization will be 100 per cent required. It is possible to achieve minimal results with the help of external optimization (conducting actions outside your website, for example, increasing the number of links to your website).

October 13, 2017
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Online promotion of businesses presupposes creation of an up-to-date functional website to provide your customers (both existing and potential) with maximum information and opportunities. Certainly, you should take care of SEO promotion so that your website could be easily found on the Internet. If you have never before ordered SEO audit and search engine optimization itself, you may have some questions that have to be answered.

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