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Targeted advertising on Facebook
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Targeted advertising on Facebook

Targeted advertising on Facebook is a tool aimed at fast and well-targeted attracting customers through the world’s most popular social network.

High efficiency of such advertising campaigns is provided by the most accurate targeting: the settings of Facebook ads allow you to customize the display of ads only for users who have a certain location, interests, age, sex.

Taking into consideration the popularity of Facebook (at the beginning of 2017, the number of its users reached 2 billion people; its audience in Ukraine was about 9 million — after the prohibition of Vkontakte social network, Facebook is on the steady increase here), targeted advertising in this network promises achieving tremendous results for an advertising campaign.

Advertising on Facebook reaching only your target audience. Minimized costs

The targeting settings of Facebook ads will allow you to create your own audience for your advertisements — people who are more likely to be interested in what you offer. With a certain level of professionalism, you can set up an effective customized display of ads, depending on your purposes and budget.

c l o c k

Ordering targeted advertising on Facebook can be a perfect solution in the following situations:

  • 01

    You need to launch a new product

  • 05

    Increase the number of subscribers

  • 02

    Tell about a new promotion/exclusive offer

  • 06

    Increase the traffic to your main website

  • 03

    Attract the audience for your company event

  • 07

    Attract new customers

  • 04

    Promote some content/post in your Facebook community

Monitor the behavior of your audience, its tastes and preferences

To make an advertising campaign as effective as possible, you need to constantly evaluate the relevance of advertising posts. Facebook allows monitoring user behavior easily to arrive at necessary conclusions.

заказать рекламу в facebook

If your ad has low relevance score, it's worth to update the audience or change your approach and strategy. Paying due attention to statistics, you can achieve an extremely high attractiveness of your brand to the target audience.

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