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Website promotion and stages of site promotion
17 July 2019

Website promotion and stages of site promotion

For achieving serious success in promoting business on the Internet, the website is not the most important element. The website itself, without prior analytics and customization, is something like a business card that can not be found in the search, so it will not increase sales and strengthen the brand image. It means that intelligence, strategy, and further tactical implementation are the most important elements.

In this process, an important role is played by the promotion of the site – the correct strategic use of its potential for the promotion of a business. You need to monitor the finished website, set it up promptly, and conduct comprehensive analytics. Launch advertising campaigns, improve and expand the structure of the website, add unique content, and so on.

Is it possible to promote the website by yourself?

We know how difficult it is to do business, what a time-consuming and resource-intensive process it is. Our team is in constant close communication with business owners, many of our clients have already been “burned”, both at the stage of developing their website and at the stage of promotion.

In short, instead of putting efforts to create a website, you should focus on finding a professional creative team that will breathe life into your website, develop a strategy and provide real sales – give this, we can achieve significant results.

In this article, we will tell you how the project promotion stage goes on in our team. Clear recommendations will also help you to promote your website on your own, but looking ahead, we want to say that there are no exact schemes as each project is unique and depending on its subject, complexity, and competition we select the optimal and unique strategy for promotion.

Website promotion: where to start?

At the first stage of website promotion, we always recommend starting with analytics.

When your website is ready but not yet launched, you need to conduct analytical work to understand how to proceed. The study will show: what platform the site is built on, what is its design, what tools are connected to the site. Also, we always analyze successful and failed advertising campaigns and examine competitors.

An example of a Google Ads report for analyzing the customer's advertising campaign using Google Data Studio

Example of analyzing the visibility of the project and the client's position with the Serpstat SEO-platform

At this stage, you need to pay attention to a lot of things to create the basis for truly effective promotion. If the client has a website, it is carefully scanned by our specialists and a lot of intellectual work is carried out; if there is no website, then we make an offer to the client – to create a website - a platform aimed at business development.

An important point: we do not use other people's platforms and modules, do not buy website templates and do not borrow the design of other successful projects. Following this rule has a positive impact on further progress.

Basic tools and services for website promotion

At the research stage, we use a variety of tools and services, both paid and free. There are a lot of them, and depending on the actual task we choose in favor of a particular program/web service. The main task they perform is to get data from different services and bring them into a common picture.

We would like to single out 3 tools that we consider to be the most important. No audit in Clock Creative Lab is complete without them.

Serpstat SEO-platform

The service shows the visibility of the site, its position among competitors, and market share. With the help of Serpstat, you can create a kind of reference point, which can be used to analyze growth in the future. We look at what position the client is at the time of contacting us and then easily monitor the development during the work with the project. Our client, just like us, can always analyze the data from Serpstat to ensure the effectiveness of our work.

Also, Serpstat offers a very convenient tool – website audit, which gives valuable recommendations for the implementation of technical and optimization actions. You will see which SEO actions, in particular, should be implemented first.

An example of implementation of the audit report using Serpstat website analytics

Technical audit tool – Screaming Frog

This tool allows you to effectively identify any technical errors on the site that may adversely affect the development of the project in the future. The service provides a full report on the verification of the site: it describes in detail all the errors that could be found during the test. This analytical tool for checking the website is very simple and it can be used to quickly scan a project of any scale. We will separately highlight a convenient function of detecting links to 404 errors (non-existent pages of the site), that can be used to determine from which specific pages of the site errors are drawn. You just have to take appropriate measures regarding the errors found. At the stage of analysis, the use of this tool is critical.

Example of scanning project pages with the help of the Screaming Frog technical audit

FullStory analytics service

This service is an analog of the Russian-language tool Yandex Metrics Webvizor. It is more advanced, able to record all user actions in short videos, provides detailed statistics about the most popular links and pages of the site, as well as identifies errors in front-end development and UI/UX design. Analysis of all these videos, reports, and figures gives an understanding of what is useful and convenient for the user of the site, and what needs to be eliminated. In short, the FullStory service allows you to do an excellent job on errors in the visual part of the website and eliminate technical errors – redesign, front-end, functionality, etc.

User-friendliness report via the FullStory analytics service

Analytics of website, thematics, and competitors obtained. Creating an action plan

After a detailed website audit, intelligence analysis, and error detection, you should take action. It's time to create a list of recommended actions for the client to get a truly customized solution for their business. Well, then the team starts to promote the site.

The main components of successful website promotion

When promoting a website, it is important to ensure high-quality performance of the most necessary basic tasks. Let's consider the main points that need to be taken into account in this process.

Correct SEO structure. We form the structure of the website and expand it

With the creation of a well-thought SEO-structure of the website, begins the whole process: it can be compared with the construction of the foundation for the further construction of the house. This structure is formed on the basis of previously made analytics, namely it is based on the key user requests. It also takes into account the theme of the project, the visibility of competitors in the market, and the scale of their websites.

It is important to take care of a harmonious combination of website design and SEO-structure. It often happens that the website, qualitatively sharpened for SEO, has an unattractive template. Conversely, a very beautiful site can be completely unsuited for search engine optimization and promotion.

For many years of fruitful and diverse work, we, at Clock Creative Lab, have managed to find a balanced way to harmonically combine design and SEO.

Expanding the website structure

The completeness of the structure largely depends on the visibility of your website, so we are constantly expanding the structure of our projects and throughout the cycle of work create new sections and landing pages. We analyze the content that is interesting for users, analyze competitors and search engine algorithms, and then, based on these analytical data we change and adjust the structure of the website.

Website design

One of the most important moments for brand promotion in the network is website design. Visual solutions should be chosen correctly and precisely. The website should not only be well-looking and modern but also user-friendly. This is a complex, multi-component task. After the launch of the website, you need to monitor the reaction of customers to the design, test all the elements and implement more advanced solutions.

Mobile version: impact on the promotion

The mobile version of the site is now a priority

Mobile version of SEO website

With the development and spread of digital technologies, mobile devices have become the most popular tool for browsing. The mobile version of a website eventually became so important that in early 2018, Google officially announced the transition to Mobile-First Index: in the process of indexing websites, the system will assess the quality of the site for the users of the mobile devices. Google has rebuilt its algorithms, and now websites with a convenient, well-looking and fast mobile version are always in the lead.

So, when developing a website you should take care of the following points:

  • The creation of the mobile version of the website should be carried out at the beginning of the work.
  • t is very important to maintain a balance between the high speed of loading pages the site – it is important for Google PageSpeed Insights, and cool modern design – it is important for the visitor.
  • ОOrganize a thorough and comprehensive health check of different elements of the mobile version of the website – everything should work correctly and open easily on the screen of a mobile device.

Internal optimization of a website

In the process of promotion, you need to constantly audit the website and correct the detected errors. They can occur both at the development stage and in the process of further promotion. It often happens that new technical solutions ambiguously affect the overall mechanism of the site developed earlier, which leads to an error. If you correct these errors in time, it can be considered a normal process.

In short, internal optimization is a constant process of technical improvements that have a positive impact on progress. Constantly eliminate errors in the course of work – technical, semantic, design errors, and “bugs” on the website.

Do not forget to go to the Search Console regularly and fix errors marked at the webmaster’s panel. Make it a rule to do this every week.

An example of an error report in the webmaster’s panel – Google Search Console

Google Search Console SEO promotion

Creating unique content is an important factor in website promotion

You need to constantly create unique content that will distinguish your business from everyone else. It is necessary to develop a unique strategy and move on it when creating content. This approach always helps to gain leading positions.

The requirement for the uniqueness of the content applies to all elements of the website – text, photos, video files, as well as any signatures, descriptions, and meta tags for these materials. Special attention should be paid to the uniqueness and overall quality of the texts. You can use one of the following services to check whether the texts on your website meet these requirements:

  • Advego Plagiatus
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Content-Watch

Remember, web projects with new functional solutions and their unique content are much more likely to lead in their niche. Promote your business quickly and efficiently using uniqueness and quality.

The micro markup

Micro markup is a kind of unified language that is designed for search engines. You can use micro-markup to tell Google or other search engines which items have a particular type of data so that robots can correctly perceive and index them. Such interaction will allow you to promote the site more effectively, to bring the cost of goods, availability of goods, information about the company, ratings, reviews, and search service of your website to the top. Micro markup by itself does not lead to development and growth, but its functionality is an important working tool that provides convenience for visitors and a good understanding on the part of search engines.

An example of the layout organization at the Amazon shopping website

Sample SEO promotion

Control of competitors’ positions

Be sure to do an audit of your competitors’ websites and monitor their visibility. This will always keep your own website “in good shape” and will let you keep up with competitors. Keep track of their actions and adjust your model of behavior.

Experiments in promotion

There is no universal theory that is suitable for any project. The experience gained before may be completely unsuitable for a new project, and you need to be ready for this.

As an example, in the work on one of the projects we made the same SEO settings for different projects from the same field. One of the projects showed excellent results, and the other – did not show the desired visibility and positions for too long. Wanting to understand the reasons for this behavior, we conducted a thorough study of the website, tested some points, etc. Some non-critical errors were found: in particular, we purposefully ignored the Title and Description length recommended by Google. With the previous project, such intentional violations led to success, and with the new project, it worked the opposite way. Google did not see important keywords, which is why we did not gain good positions in the search engine.

Manual reduction and correctly selected meta tags gave the fastest and most effective result. This showed that both SEO-optimization and the overall promotion of the project should not focus on the same methods and schemes. It is necessary to experiment and look for unique solutions for each client.

Important conclusion. What to consider when promoting your website

In the promotion of websites very much depends on the chosen strategy. Do not use template solutions, conduct experiments, and look for an individual solution. The same action that has produced tremendous results in the past can easily fail in other, future projects.

Website promotion and a successful result is a whole complex of actions, a hard work of the whole team. The human resource and the dedication of specialists and their interest in the project are critical.

Be one step ahead of your competitors, constant analytics will help you to take a leading position, as well as to do everything faster and better than your competitors, to be the first to implement fresh solutions.

Be flexible. In Clock Creative Lab, we introduced a unique service – a complex solution. We called this strategy “Flexible” – its main essence is adaptability to the client and flexible configuration for the client’s business and its peculiarities. It is also important to adapt to the realities of the market, take into account competition and, depending on this, adjust the strategy.

We know how long it takes to come up with a decision in large companies, but to be a leader, you need to respond very quickly. Do not be afraid to change your projects, improve them to act quickly, clearly, and smoothly.

Are you ready for leadership on the internet?

Let's discuss the prospects for promoting your site!